AFFILIATES: Help sell Tresses products and earn a commision.

Bid farewell to the days of your clients showing up with plastic bagged hair from their local beauty supply store. As a result of years of hearing the frustration of stylists who were forced to work with low quality hair; Tresses, etc fulfills your desire to make your clients look and feel their best by providing you, the professional, with the ability sell our product line.

By becoming one of our Tresses, etc local affiliates; you gain the ability sell and promote our products while earning a commission. Our goal is to give you control of growing your business with the confidence gained in utilizing our high quality products.

This partnership is designed to encourage your entrepreneurship as a small business owner. We want to springboard you into notoriety and success by having the highest quality product line directly at your fingertips.

We value your business and look forward to building a lifelong relationship with you.

Program Details

The Local Affiliate Program has varying opportunities depending on the area. As an exclusive dealer of Tresses, etc products, your opportunities may include, but are not limited to: sale of hairpieces, hair extensions and hair care products distributed by Tresses, etc; distribution and local inquiries for the DME hospital affiliate program; promotion of the We Care program; promotion, distribution and sign up to The Money Tree and Rewards Card programs by Tresses, etc.


How to Inquire About Affiliate Opportunities

How to Inquire About Affiliate Opportunities This program is managed within each local market. Inquiries to seek Local Affiliate opportunities should be directed to the Tresses, etc corporate office by downloading and filling out this brief survey. Please email the completed form to